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New Orchestral Helix

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New Orchestral Double Helix Signature

Power    Speaker Cables    RCA    S/PDIF    XLR    AES3    Phono    Power Conditioner

Magnets Made For Music

Ultimate Reference Double Helix Signature Power Cable

The Ultimate Reference Double Helix Signature offers an unrivaled experience with ultra-low noise, precision, and refinement in which those who seek the absolute best audio reproduction will enjoy!

The Double Helix Signature, a new technology created by Rick Schultz, increases conductivity within every connection of the cable. Exploiting the powerful technology of Helix and it’s ability to focus electrons, the Double Helix Signature delivers an experience that only magnets can deliver. The unique proprietary contact enhancer is incredibly conductive and helps lower noise between every internal connection. The result is breathtaking musicality and accuracy that transcends what traditional high-end audio cables have strived to achieve.

The first product Rick Schultz has ever put his signature on is a tribute to an achievement that deserves the accolades of a top-tier product at the right price point. This achievement is truly groundbreaking and a qualifier for an official endorsement from Rick Schultz.

Setting the stage for an experience that is authentically unparalleled. We believe you deserve to enjoy a level of playback that is truly remarkable!

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