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Bafflex Speakers

Bringing the power of magnetic conduction to full range loudspeakers for the first time. Bafflex speakers are an open-baffle design featuring the same magnetic conduction technologies used in our cables, power conditioners, and other products.

Bafflex: the first fully adjustable open-baffle loudspeaker. Bafflex speakers are designed with foldable side panels. Four full-range 12" drivers compliment the 8" midrange drivers and ribbon tweeter.

The design created by Rick Schultz of High Fidelity Cables is meant to be flexible to any type of room. By situating the side panels in various angles, Bafflex is able to overcome most common placement issues as well as correcting acoustically by moving the panels for any type of room shape or size, including oddly shaped rooms.

Efficiency: 101 dB
Frequency Response: 2Hz to 40kHz
Available with different driver options and finishes.

At its debut at AXPONA 2018, Bafflex helped High Fidelity Cables win a certificate of accomplishment from AVShowrooms. Here is a link to their coverage:

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