Orchestral Helix S/PDIF Interconnect

Size: 1 meter
Source: RCA
Destination: RCA
Sale price$3,220.00


The Orchestral series cables are master-grade magnetically assisted devices designed to lower distortion for the most dedicated audiophile systems. Like all High Fidelity Cables, these devices are used to replace the traditional high-end audio cables with a new patented and proven technology that delivers greatly improved sound. Simply remove your traditional high-end audio cable and replace it with the correlating magnetic “High Fidelity Cable".

Since the development of the Reveal line, we have been working on value-driven products that deliver performance well beyond traditional high-end audio cables. The Orchestral series delivers that same promise but in a much bigger way. The value in this line is simply unparalleled for the most enthusiastic audiophile who demands the best that our industry offers.

The Orchestral line utilizes an increasingly powerful Helix design waveguide system and delivers many times the magnetic energy of the popular CT-2 series. These waveguides are in turn several times the size and weight of the CT-2. With this powerful waveguide, the Orchestral series delivers beyond what any traditional audio cable even hints at. It delivers accurate and fatigue-free audio with vastly improved clarity and musicality.

The technology in the Orchestral line is based on our most recent innovations found in our flagship Ultimate Reference Helix, the Double Helix Signature version, the Professional series, and the Elite series cables. It is a culmination of all we have learned in the past few years boiled down to a value-driven product without peers.

Orchestral’s new magnetic waveguide system is as advanced as our latest discoveries that we have been eager to share. However, it does so at a price point and level previously reserved for our top-tier products.

The Orchestral series utilizes three major technologies:
 • Powerful magnetic waveguides
 • Helix Technology
 • Patented gel-based vibration dampening

The waveguide is the heart of magnetic conduction. Waveguides use a powerful magnetic field to guide electron signals by changing the fundamental way electrons interact and share energy with each other, which dramatically increases the effectiveness of signal transmission.

Helix technology focuses the magnetic field making it both more concentrated and much more powerful at the point of concentration. This helps dramatically reduce distortion.

Our patented vibration dampening system helps to dramatically lower noise and is the most advanced method to control unwanted vibrations in the market today. This dramatically lowers the harshness, hardness, and edge that can plague high-end audio systems.

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