Orchestral Double Helix Signature AES3

Size: 1 meter
Sale price$6,720.00


Orchestral Double Helix Signature AES3 interconnect.

Built off of the orchestral platform and mirroring all the features of the base Orchestral Helix the double helix Signature version is pure refinement.

The key feature that makes this model unique is the addition of double helix Technology. Helix technology in itself is an amazing step. It’s featured in every cable now that we offer past Reveal.

Some of our earlier achievements were no doubt breathtaking but that sonic achievement found by the focusing Technology that Helix offers has in many ways become “iconic” to High Fidelity Cables as magnetic conduction itself.

Product development and research do not stop after your first design. In fact, it only prompts you to take it further! When it comes to magnetic conduction and understanding just how powerful and game-changing this technology is, we have never ceased to focus on advancement.

It’s not enough just to have game-changing designs once you’ve built those designs there is a deep-seated curiosity that takes you further into exploration.

What double helix Technology has brought to Orchestral is unique and it is not like the lower lines where the double helix is also offered. What makes this so unique is that these are much more powerful waveguides with a lot more tech added, like our patented gel dampening. The Orchestral is an all-out assault in many ways to build a True Reference cable.

Adding all of the technology that we offer is of the utmost importance and Orchestral is the first cable to give a sample of everything we do. It’s larger, it’s more powerful, it’s more feature-filled. Each of these features is a monumental step forward and at this time you’re getting into a serious magnetic device to lower distortions in your system.

Oddly the double helix doesn’t add extra magnetic power exactly. It adds “extra focus” and if you truly understand what our technology does you’ll recognize that this is a breakthrough.

It is the tightly woven magnetic system, a pathway through what we call a wave-guide system. Exactly that, “it is a magnetic waveguide for an electromagnetic signal”. Through the power of magnetism, it transfers audio signals near the speed of light all riding on a purely magnetic wave. Yes, a signal transfer is all about magnetism, audio systems are all about magnetism! Let’s face it electricity is all about magnetism, the more you learn about it the more this fact truly stands out!

The double helix is not just a technology shift for the better, it’s a paradigm shift. It’s a shift in thinking about how could the magnetic field alone “in the configuration of its shape” possibly makes this much difference? How can it bring the refinement of the pinpoint imaging and 3-D sound staging? How does this single change make for a total transformation of audio playback?

Well like you might hear from Rick Schultz the inventor of magnetic conduction and the designer of this cable “it’s all about the magnets baby”!

Truly this is an advancement of technology and the understanding of it is revealed in its full light here. The Orchestral Double Helix Signature is that light. It’s where the game changes entirely and you realize you’re not using just a cable; this technology is not like anything else. Audio has a clear and bright future with this new technology! And there is no question that one of the major advancements is “Magnetic Conduction” and where that can take us!

The Double Helix technology waveguides are the story here, and a great story it is.

Once you start to realize just how each level builds upon the next, one might dream of an entire Orchestral Signature system. This is the ultimate fulfillment for most audiophiles. This is the Orchestral Double Helix Signature.

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