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What are audiophile speakers that use our technology? it would be the Bafflex Speakers. Our speakers use our patented technology to bring you the best sound out of your system.

The main principle behind the Bafflex speaker is its flexible open baffle design. The flexibility of the movable side panels allows them to be positioned both backward at an angle and forward to an almost flat and completely open panel. This allows for a great deal of flexibility for both room placement and sound characteristics. It also can be used to help overcome sound problems oddly shaped rooms by adjusting the side panels individually on each speaker to adjust for room anomalies like missing a wall on one side of a room. This flexibility is a great advantage over conventional designs.

Another key design principle of this loudspeaker is a concept known as mechanical grounding. Mechanical grounding is based on the principle that vibrational energy wants to move to the largest mass. Typically that means that vibrations want to go to earth. This can also be referred to as earth grounding, but in this case refers to a mechanical concept unlike electrical earth grounding.

To achieve proper mechanical grounding, the materials used are very important. The front baffle as well as the stand itself are both made of brass. The front baffle is made of a slightly curved sheet of brass that is milled out for the driver attachments. The idea behind having the brass slightly curved is that when the drivers are installed and the speaker is assembled, a steel pole in the back along with the drivers themselves actually straighten the brass panel under tension. 

Confirmed by a study at Stanford University, brass is one of the fastest materials for moving mechanical vibrations. Furthermore, stress is a catalyst to moving mechanical vibrations. Think of a string between two tin cans used as a communication device, something taught as a childhood science project: when the string between the two tin cans is tightened, talking into one tin can easily transfers the vibrational energy to the other tin can and you can hear conversation quite clearly. Without this tension it is not possible for the vibrations to transfer. By using the brass panel which is already great at moving mechanical vibrations and putting it under stress, we develop a highly calculated high-speed platform on which vibrations can escape from the baffle. The stand which the speaker sits on is also under stress due to the sheer weight of the speaker above it. This causes the next plane of tension and the brass bottom panel to absorb energy from the top baffle.

The footers connected to the stand are also made of solid brass. The geometry of the footer is highly tapered which causes the vibrations to move out the footer and into the ground or floor beneath it. Because of the inertia and energy going out of the footer it is impossible for vibrations to come back into the loudspeaker. In this way, the speaker itself becomes a mechanical sink that drains vibrations quickly away from the drivers.

This causes the speaker not to load like conventional speakers. No matter how much energy you give it, you can easily channel this energy with the drivers so that the modulation of the drivers that is typical in conventional speakers does not happen in Bafflex. This gives the speaker and very clear coherent sound.

The Bafflex speakers utilize 4 12-inch full range drivers made by Audio Nirvana, and can be had in different types of magnetic material. Our choice of driver preference is Alnico. In addition to the 12-inch drivers an 8-inch full range driver is also utilized which helps bring more emphasis to midrange frequencies. Each one of these drivers is mounted with our patented Surreal Acoustic Lens. The lens is a unique device that helps greatly in the clarity of the drivers and makes for a much wider disbursement axis. Finally, a ribbon tweeter manufactured by Arum Cantus is used for high-frequency dispersion and reaches up to 40Khz. The ribbon sports the additional feature of an aluminum CNC-milled horn, which helps to separate high frequencies coming from the rest of the drivers and isolate and direct high frequencies from the tweeter towards the listener. 

Each driver is uniquely tensioned onto the brass front battle to maximize the displacement of vibrational energy off of the basket assembly of the driver. The side panels are made from aluminum and on each of them two brass plates are mounted with a rubber gasket. This allows us to tighten the brass plates to tension the aluminum and stop it from ringing. Once placed in the proper position the side panels can be tightened to ensure its rigidity and lower any possibility of ringing from the front baffle. 

When the side panels are fully open a very large and very open image is achieved and bass response is extended. As you close the side panels towards the back, the speaker starts to mimic conventional loudspeakers and can channel energy in any particular desired direction. This can change imaging and sound staging as well as the bass response of the speaker. This concept allows for great deal of flexibility in sound characteristics and allows the speakers to work in both smaller and larger rooms. 

The speaker is approximately 102db efficient and can be easily driven with any amplification. Recommended amplifiers can range anywhere from 3W to 300W, however even larger amplifiers could be used if one was so inclined. We have had an extremely good success with our own MA-70 amplifiers, another product which is extremely unique and which creates world-class sound.

Overall the speakers produce some of the most lifelike, dynamic, and clear sound we have heard.

Due to the fact that drivers are all full range the throw of the driver is not exceptionally long, and although the bass may be sufficient for most people and is extremely accurate for speed and tone we do recommend the use of a subwoofer. For the best overall results dual subwoofers are good choice. The speakers tend to match quite flawlessly with most subs and integrate nicely.

It is a rather large loudspeaker and they weigh just under 200 pounds each. The weight is largely a component of the metal construction of this loudspeaker. Although it is made of metal it does not have any metallic tonality of its own character that is evident. However in circumstances it is exceptionally real with things like drums, where actions like a rimshot are portrayed with the lifelike realism and tone which we have not heard from any other speaker.

The speakers are wired with High Fidelity Cables and the only crossover component is on the tweeter where a single series wired capacitor crosses over the tweeter to inhibit bass frequencies to that driver. The binding posts are a design of magnetic conduction and our are own patented component. They are assisted by a couple of waveguides from the Ultimate series that work together to incorporate magnetic conduction throughout the loudspeaker cabling.

The speakers have already won a couple of awards for best sound of show. The latest one was at Chicago Axpona. See the video here: We ended up with some the most lifelike, dynamic, and live sounds at the show. It was a very different sound than produced by most other systems. It was extremely fast, coherent, and dynamic. It did not produce the typical audiophile type sound leaning towards the sound of an actual band playing in a very open concert venue. Images are big upfront and vividly clear. It is extremely dimensional yet not in typical audiophile terms - the dimension is both forward and back from the speaker and extremely enveloping with every instrument, something extremely open yet having its own defining space. high end loudspeakers, home audio subwoofer,and best home audio subwoofer.

Efficiency: 102dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 40kHz
Available with different driver options and finishes.

At its debut at AXPONA 2018, Bafflex helped High Fidelity Cables win a certificate of accomplishment from AVShowrooms. Here is a link to their coverage:

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