MC-1 Pro Double Helix Plus Signature

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MC-1 Pro Double Helix+ Signature

Our Flagship handheld wall unit the MC-1 Double Helix Signature features our most advanced Helix-based wave-guide technology. This device will focus the power coming into your system resulting in a cleaner sound, which is far more life-like. This unit offers extraordinary performance and is our best performance-enhancing and value-driven product in handhelds components. It utilizes all the technology of the lower units but ads our top Double Helix Magnetic Technology. The Double Helix technology delivers a fine focal point to the magnetic field that influences electron travel. The result is a much cleaner power and it's correcting something that most people do not even realize is wrong. Hearing these stunning devices is a treat for any audiophile and improvements are made in literally every realm of listening. There are NO trade-offs. Experience greater dynamics, clarity, musicality, imaging, and sound-staging.

The signature version implements our top plating configuration using pure gold contacts internally that are reinforced with our own contact enhancer. The contact enhancer is a nano-based “wonder” that is only available in our products! It also uses our capacitor focusing system. This technique helps to train electrons helping them travel even more focused and efficiently through the magnetic field. This focus is paramount when it comes to delivering life-like sound. We know our technology and we know how to improve it. The Signature is our top dog!

Signature greatly reduces the hardness and harshness associated with distortions allowing the listener to hear more music with greater musicality and flow, as well as better timing or prat.

The Double Helix+ Signature represents some of the best values we offer in the price range and is not only a great place to aspire to it is a great place to start in our line of extraordinary products!

A product worthy of the signature of our designer Rick Schultz!

100V-240V rated.

Dimensions: 2" x 5.3" x 3.8"
Weight: 3lbs (1.4kg)

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