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If magnets make more music, then certainly more magnets make even more music.

This is the premise behind the Pro Elite series. Our aim has been to push magnetic conduction to the edge, beyond the practical and deep into exploration. Our goal is to push the envelope of what magnetic conduction is capable of and to showcase the result.

Almost 3 years into development, the Pro Elite models are a glimpse into the future. These models define clearly the advantage of magnets and magnetic conduction technology. Each of the three wave guides has a total magnetic pull-force of 4,460lbs! With all three waveguides, a combined magnetic force of 13,380lbs or 6.69 tons forces electrons to yield to the dominant power of these incredible magnets. Magnets used inside this particular unit are gold-plated in all critical connections. This gold plating helps for a more liquid type of sound by allowing for a more malleable connection.

Helix technology is achieved by focusing the magnetic lines of flux to a pinpoint spot within the waveguide. This focuses electrons to the most inward part of the magnetic waveguide. By forcing electrons to travel in this highly focused pathway, the electrons spin into a very narrow line, estimated to be about 5 microns in width. This focusing helps to increase the speed of each spinning electron and to alleviate interference. The electrons work together much more efficiently. When electrons try to get off the pathway they're forced back into the middle by the powerful magnetic waveguides in Helix technology. To obtain this, three gold-plated spherical magnets are used inside the waveguide with the accompanying power of 28 cylindrical magnets of varying sizes. By varying the sizes of these cylinders, we are able to both dampen mechanical vibrations, as well as focus the magnetic lines of flux.

Each magnetic waveguide is floating in a viscous silicone gel. There is approximately 1.5L of gel inside the combined waveguides. The gel works along with the various-sized magnetic cylinders. This allows for the silicone material to be on axis, like a tightened string between two tin cans, leading itself all the way to your electronics. The gel dampens vibration with silicone that adheres to the face of the magnets as well as to the sides. More of the face is exposed when utilizing helix spheres and almost the complete surface is covered in these types of connections.

This technique is now patented (US 9,631,691). The viscous silicone gel allows for the lowering of mechanical vibrations on the A/C path that otherwise causes distortions within the system. By utilizing this technology we can lower the noise floor dramatically. Alternating current has a spinning magnetic wave, caused by the electromagnetic B-field that surrounds the wire. It spins back and forth at 60 cycles per second. This causes induced vibration on to A/C. This vibration, if not removed, follows the signal path and is just picked up as a harmonic, not unlike the harmonics from electron tubes, cartridges, and tone arms. By removing this distortion we can obtain a silky smooth liquid and natural sound.

To complete the system, two 6.8µf capacitors are applied between the hot and neutral as well as neutral to ground. For noise that has already become part of the A/C signal, these capacitors help to dampen such noise. They have a dual effect of dampening mechanical-based noise. Lastly, they help to draw and center electrons into the middle of the waveguides.

The overall effect of the Pro Series Elite Power Conditioner is not subtle. This device reveals the true fundamental problems with power. It is designed to address these issues, and to fundamentally change the way power is delivered. Sonically it is like no other product. It brings clarity, dynamics, and realism in a way that is simply not possible by traditional methods.

15A 120V/7.5A 240V

100V-240V rated.

Dimensions: 40" x 18" x 11¼"
Weight: 178lbs
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