Full Loom Review

“The loom’s sound signature I found to be a firmly forward presentation that pleasingly enhanced urgency and realism without ever losing its even-keel neutrality or adding any harshness what-so-ever that I could deduce. Listening to HFC had the repeatable and demonstrable effect of attaining previously unknown levels of intimacy with my music. HFC’s effect of eliminating any artificial boundary and it having a forward facing conversation with the art was an indelible experience at nearly every listen. … HFC is a one of a kind experience veering many times towards the closest thing I have ever heard in my home to three dimensional imaging that can live, breath, and move. if the product pricing is in line with your budget let me assure you again that High Fidelity Cable is no-brainer to the nth degree.”

- Buzz Hughes at Hi-Fi+


NPS-1260 Review

“The NPS 1260 3D Enhancer solution is, by far, the most astonishing tweak I have reviewed over the past two decades.”
“NPS-1260 is a gift to the entire industry.”
“As for Value… it's off the chart.”

- Rick Becker at Enjoy the Music Magazine

Initial review / The follow-up


"Beyond a doubt, the microdynamics were greatly enhanced. I could hear for the first time Duke Ellington pushing the piano pedals up and down while also hearing the nuances from Ray Brown’s bass as its tones hung in the air... For my system, this was easily the equivalent of a multi-thousand-dollar upgrade."

- David Holzman at San Francisco Audiophile Society Muse.


Reveal RCA & XLR Interconnect Review

“There’s a melodic calm yet an excitement about the Reveals. I love how it supplies the perfect amount of low end without shaving off the top. It’s quiet, quick, and very detailed. This track “reveals” just how genre-independent this cable really is. … The Reveals were advertised as a giant killer and it doesn’t disappoint.”

- Jay Luong at Audio Bacon


October Muse Intro

"Rick Schultz had just made a new power conditioner and he said I had to try it out. It too had the 3D tech in it. So yeah, I tried that too and yeah, it was better. The sound really filled out, it almost became fleshy. The band really was in my living room."

- San Francisco Audiophile Society October newsletter intro


Customer Testimony

“HFC seems to specialize in in their cables as well with music just coming across in more palpable ways. Guitars sound more like guitars. Pianos more like pianos. But more importantly, guitars feel like guitars, pianos feel more like pianos.”
- Alex Grossman

“These are things I crave in my system, and it is now delivering in spades.” 
“If this works this well on my modest system, I can only imagine how well it would work in a true hi end system.  I'm dumbfounded!”
- Rocray

“…seemed to transcend music reproduction altogether.”
“(High Fidelity) cables are FAR better than all other cables I have tried in 35 years.”
“Nothing I've tried in decades comes even close to NPS-1260.”
- Ddraudt

“This is no joke and yet another amazing sound improvement.  It was a leap of faith well worth the jump. I just can’t believe what a difference this secret sauce … can do for sound enhancement.  I have Michael Stanley reincarnated playing Live in Tangiers in my home. Unbelievable.”
- Tksteingraber

“What you will experience is hearing your components unadulterated potential”
- Troy & Nancy

“High Fidelity Cables do something that others… do not, they simply enable my system to reproduce music as well as I’ve ever heard in my room.”
- Patrick Dillon

“I have been in the high-end Audio business for the past forty years. These are the finest cables that I have ever heard.”
- Bigbear

“I strongly believe that NPS-1260 is the thing that we have all been looking for.”
- johanvz

“They create a room filling, enveloping, involving, emotional experience that's literally transforming.”
- Pat M