CT-2 Power Cable

Size: 1 meter
Style: US Plug
Sale price$2,500.00


A new Magnetic moment begins.

The CT-2 Series power cable redefines what our family of magnetic conductors brings to your sound system. As the numerical successor to the acclaimed CT-1, the CT-2 is a culmination of years of research that improves both design and function.

Utilizing its unique array of spherical magnets, the CT-2 is able to focus electrons to the concentrated core of the conductor. The result is an obvious audible benefit with unbridled dynamics thanks to increased signal efficiency, and diminished distortion. A performance that exceeds cables worth four times over.

With the CT-2, we invite you to experience a true High Fidelity system. Our technology will pull you into the performance and allow you to be a part of a life like stage like never before

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