Orchestral Helix

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Orchestral Helix Power Conditioner

Technology: Orchestral conditioners are driven by one of the most powerful waveguides in the High-Fidelity Cables line and offer around 4 tons of total magnetic pulling power. Where other more inexpensive conditioning products in our line are measured in pounds these conditioners are like our Pro Series versions which are measured in “tons” of magnetic power. This means these units deliver at a level sonically that is exceedingly unique and advantageous for the audiophile or videophile.

Although the total magnetic power certainly plays a critical role it is not the only important factor in absolute performance. The development of our new Helix Technology has paved a way for the absolute focus of the signal and concentrates all that magnetic force down to a pinpoint which is a critical area for our tech. As the focused lines of flux carry the A/C signal, entering the external power cord wires, and into your system, it maintains an extreme focus on the magnetically driven power of the A/C signal itself. This magnetic focus point brings the electrons in alignment for a faster transfer of energy which is delivered inductively or better put “magnetically” from one point to the next. This is true in all A/C devices. To put it simply, electrons interconnect magnetically and move each other through a constant connection of magnetism referred to often as an electron cloud. Imagine a chain of bar magnets all connected simply push on one end and the others instantly move. That’s how signal transfer actually works and why it is so fast even though electrons themselves barely move. Electrons in fact move slower than a snail but they communicate energy very quickly through these interconnected magnetic fields called magnetic moments. With our tech and magnetically aligning these magnetic pathways to a precise point, they transfer that signal with greater accuracy, lower distortion, and much faster speed.

Our tech is much more complicated of course and needs a good introduction into atomic physics to really understand and fully appreciate, but it delivers the sonic benefit audiophiles crave!

The chassis is highly specialized, compact, yet heavy with 6 very large internal waveguides, the chassis is made to dissipate internal resonance from AC resonance as well. Vibration in A/C is a huge and often overlooked area and leads to hardness, harshness, and listening fatigue if not dealt with. This resonance is a common issue that plagues audio systems, especially at higher volumes. The chassis is bead blasted for sonic benefits of vibration dissipation and then ceramic coated and heat-treated or annealed to further control vibrations as well as ad a long-lasting durable finish.

It has various readouts on the LCD screen to show you just what your power looks like. Voltage, current, and watts of consumption of your system for example.

Your equipment has regulators and transformers that adjust power internally, so this is addressed very well by your great gear. Your gear, however, amplifies and processes any incoming distortions so our focus is to deal with these distortions like no other power conditioner in the market and do not limit current in any form. If we try and control the output power factor as other conditioners do that lower the overall inductance and that reduces dynamics, you get fewer dynamics and clarity. We want more!

Our technology of Magnetic Conduction has shown to actually create energy efficiency so we deliver more usable and pure power with absolutely no restrictions. This makes all the difference!

Top Grade Furutech vibration control outlets and IEC.

The incredible waveguides are the heart of the system but the chassis is state of the art as well all components are top grade. Nothing is left to chance, we do it all and care about every aspect of our build to make the best audio equipment available in the high-end market today.

This device is simply a thrilling ride to audio nirvana! Hearing is believing.

What to expect from Orchestral? Clarity, musicality, dynamics, imaging, and sound staging on a level you never dreamed possible. It does everything right!

Designed by audiophiles for audiophiles!

Break-in: this device will sound incredible in about 200-400 hours and takes 1000 to 1500 hours to fully break-in, every time you turn your system on it improves a little more. It just keeps getting better!

100V-240V rated.

Dimensions: 12.5" x 10.5" x 7" (width, depth, height)

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