Professional Elite Power Cable

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Our top of the line Professional Elite Power Cable.

In the world of High-End Audio, you will find a complicated mix of elitist, competitive, dedicated, and passionate audiophiles. The industry is comprised of manufacturers who have been “seeking” ultimate sound their entire careers. Those in the industry often set after the perfect sound on a professional level and thus have a larger budget and resources, than the hobbyist. Sometimes the hobbyist has an extra budget and nothing is out of reach, an itch to scratch

This premise is the BIRTH of Pro Elite. Born out of a dream to see how far magnetic conduction could actually take a sound system. All the stops pulled out, no holds barred. In the Magnetic Conduction world “pull out all the stops translates into using very big, very powerful magnets. It also means that you are going to need one heck of a faraday cage to hold that magnetic power in.

The goal here was to go BIGGER. We’re not talking a little bit bigger, a LOT BIGGER! Even in comparison to our own cable offerings, the difference is obvious. Compare a Pro to a Reveal you can see a huge difference but set anything else alongside and pro Elite you see ridiculous!

In our other cable lines, the magnetic force is measured in pounds or even hundreds of pounds. The pro elite is measured in tons, in every cable we build. Yes, we do offer a SPDIF cable! it’s not a practical idea but we offered just in case. This cable delivers over 2.3 tons of energy magnetically!

The power cord and power conditioner rally in at 6.69 tons of total magnetic force. There is nothing subtle about these cables. You’ve probably read that our cables are not actually cables, the pro elite sets us apart so much so I don’t think anyone could call this a cable, it’s pure art!

Visually the Prop Elite is STUNNING. To HEAR what the what the Pro Elite does to and Audio System Is BREATHTAKING. Bigger is in fact better.

Does it take high-end speakers and electronics to get the most out of this cable line? You would be a fool to expect anything different. To truly hear them pro elite is a must. When cost is no object and you have top of the line components to truly hear them Pro Elite Is a MUST.

So why build such a large expensive cable? Isn’t it just simply too over the top, is there even a market for this? There IS a market. It is a market-driven by those of impeccable taste, and those who demand to participate at the very top level. It does not want because wanting doesn’t finance such a quest. Wanting does not make room for cables that are bigger than most electronics, even the most majestic.

There are those like us at High Fidelity Cables who absolutely have to have this cutting-edge breakthrough. It not only helps us to clearly prove that Magnets Make Music it determines that there is no end to that statement. MORE MAGNETS – MAKE MORE MUSIC.

All pro elite is custom built to order. if you’re interested in this product please contact us at High Fidelity Cables and we will put you in touch with the owner Rick Schultz who will personally help you on this journey.

Contact us for more details.

Dimensions: 38x15x12 inches

Weight: 155 lbs

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